Play Zuma Beads Online for free

Play Zuma Beads Online for free Zuma beads is just another game from the class of casual amusement. Vintage rules of this game and odd story of the game. If you prefer the collection of matches Zuma then you are going to like the sport Beads. Share your beliefs about the sport in a remark. Great luck and have a great day.

Matching colored things – Can it ever get old?

If you are a Bust-A-Move enthusiast (or if you played with the older PlayStation game Ballistic), then you will recognize Zuma ‘s basic installation. Your airsoft rifle (in this case, a frog idol) fires coloured stones into a continuous series, with the objective of removing portions of the string by matching colours. Maintain the string from reaching the conclusion of a fixed course, or you eliminate a lifetime – and at some point, the game Play Zuma Beads Online for free.

Much like lots of puzzle games, the production values are strictly past-gen – largely 2D images, a straightforward (but tricky) Aztec-themed soundtrack – however Zuma delivers where it counts with all uber-addictive gameplay. Adding certain stone causes the shifting chain to slow down roll backward or even burst. Apart from pairing stones, you also get bonuses for fast level-finishes, shooting rocks through openings in the series and hitting randomly emerging coins Play Zuma Beads Online for free.