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Zuma is a game created by PopCup Games Inc. You can play it as an executable but also as flash game directly from this web page. How to play Zuma Games? This is a game which can be played using the mouse:-). If you want to pause the game you just press the “P” key from your keyboard. The mission of Zuma game is to hit the balls of the same color with the ball from the monster’s mouth. 

The longer the same color balls chain is the more points you get when eliminating with the launched ball. 
Zuma is exquisite and delicate background, plus the mysterious Inca music background, like in the old country which, to a mysterious game, worth pondering over and over again!

Zuma – the game can stand out in today’s abundance of the game it is designed, depending on the several excellent grade point: the old interface, the mysterious Inca background music, coupled with a frog sitting on the masters of the game which spits out a variety of colored beads, stone frogs around.