Play Zuma Revenge Online

Zuma Revenge online is the original Zuma sequel. The legendary game where your aim is to destroy all the same color balls in groups of 3 or more. To play, you control the frog in the middle and fireballs from its mouth to match up with other balls of the same color. Then take on the Tiki boss and battle your amphibian to victory!

Use the spacebar to swap between ball colors.
You can jump to an empty lily pad by clicking on it.
Shoot fruits for extra points and a Zuma bar boost.
Shooting through gaps increases the points you get for a match.
Beating a level without dying will earn a Perfect Level Bonus.
Beating Ace Time on a level will give you a bonus.
Fill the Zuma bar to stop new balls from coming on the screen.
You get a Chain Bonus for each consecutive match after five in a row.
Get multiple matches in a single shot for a Combo Bonus.
Gaps close with the magnetic power of same-colored balls.
Go full-screen mode to see more of the game.